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Welcome to the investors link, of the Association NEST. Let you some time for the production place in Southeast Europe and you will find more reasons, why this region on the Balkan peninsula, the crossroad from Europe/Asia will belong to the successful production/investment places in the future. At this moment there is no flexible small/middle business, but we believe, that with future investments and the enlargement of the EC in 2007, all be correct. The Quality of the products, which can be produced here, are at the top level, what companies and partners at the industry asked for. Universities, College, Academies, in several towns like Sofia, Plovdiv, Veliko Tirnovo are at the disposal. For the industry success belongs not so bed roads, streets, rail ways, communication and other facilities, which offer the country. Short roads to the production zones and centers and high skilled human resources(HR) makes the choice for production place Bulgaria easily.
By the way, the country is not only one of the most preferable production place in future united Europe, the country offers fantastic holidays, beautiful mountains and clear seas and honest, hardworking people.
Let you convince of the production place Bulgaria! We will show you only 10 reasons, which the future investors convince for investment in the new country, such as Bulgaria, but you can find certainly thousands more reasons.
Good economical structure(but sometimes old fashion),
Advantages technological politic,
Central place on Balkan peninsula on the crossroad of Europe,
High skill level of the HR, lower wages and expenses,
Good connections, attractive production land,
A beautiful country,
Preferable and future investment country,
Help to the investors from the government (politic),
Good Market and labour power potential,
Political and economic stability.

We place our consultant favors at disposal to international companies, connected with their establishing, displaying and realization of investments projects in many sectors of the economy of Bulgaria.

Association NEST can co-operate to you, if you haven't got an idea and a project to realize new business beginning, attending productions, favors and activities on the territory of Bulgaria, but you have free financial power.

The investment in real property is widespread and only to buy a great number of property is not the best form of investment. But one attractive property is the base on the business for which our expert - consultants will prepare for you investment projects and analyses of financial efficient of the investment, the back giving terms and the size of the future income and profit, after calculation of the investment's risk and its security.

Association Nest can introduce to you investment projects of different spheres of the Bulgaria's transition economy:
Industry, Trade,
Light industry, Tourism,
Agriculture, Services.

The Association uns the Agency with its database, specialists, expert- consultants and international collaborators prepare consultant's projects on the standards of the EC and support actively your business initiatives, investment purposes and projects to be realized successfully in Bulgaria.

Market potential

Close to the customers and suppliers, real offers for strategical alliances are the factors for the investors to invest in the country. Bulgaria offers without doubt the best possibilities of operation of the international and multinational companies.

Services for the investors

It is very important for the foreign companies, for the first phase on the market entry on the European or east European market to have one reliable Partner, which skills quick and without bureaucracy helps them.
The NEST Agency is the right partner for Companies, which are
interested in investment and carrying out production on the productions place Bulgaria, and offered services in:

Place- and structure data,
Individually place- and object offers,
Place- and object visiting,
Help to the government contacts and permissions,
Help to search of sub supplier and service supplier,
Identifying of business- and co-operations partners,
Individual market survey,

NEST Agency Ltd., Bulgaria

Company / Business Contacts

You can ask about information for the companies in Bulgaria. You can do it at branch, regions or Alphabet order.

Country towns

The Government has developed some help actions for investors in the limited country towns, commune and regions. Moor information about the commune and town offers can you have through the NEST- Agency information system.

NEST-Informations system:

NEST- information system, offered you the possible to find projects, real estate, rental, plants and offices. You should mail to the NEST: kind of the properties, you ask for and the size

People from Bulgaria

The diligence, the inventiveness and the love to work of the people of Bulgaria is world known. For row material poor country Bulgaria, is very important to use it and to benefit of the ideas, mind, heads and hands of the people.

Labor and Social Security Legislation LABOUR CLIMATE

Normal duration of working hours - 5 days, up to 40 working hours; extension of the working time - possible under the conditions of the Labor Code and cannot exceed 10 hours per working day.

Reduced working hours - possible for some categories of employees.

Part-time work - possible

Night work - between 10.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m., 35 hours per week, normal duration 7 hours.

It is possible to organize the work in shifts.

Overtime work cases are possible under conditions of the Labor Code.

Rest during the work day - not shorter than 30 minutes.

Rest between work days - not shorter than 12 hours.

Weekly rest - at least 48 hours.

Regular and extended annual paid leave - not less than 20 working days.

Additional annual paid leave - not less than 5 working days.

Negotiation of longer duration of the Leaves - may be agreed in a collective contract.

Minimum labor remuneration and compensations - regulated by the Council of Ministers - is 110 BGN per month, at present time.

Social Security System

Legislation requires that all employees should be covered by the social security system and pay social security contributions. The system includes compensations for general illness, work accidents, professional diseases, maternity, disability, old age and death and health insurance.

Contributions as a percentage of gross salary are payable by employers and employees. The contribution rate for the employer and employee is in the range of 27% - 36,7 % and is allocated between employer and employee in proportion - 75:25 for the year 2002.

There is an additional voluntary pension insurance and each person, who has reached the age of 18, can voluntary insure himself by a contract concluded with a pension insurance company

Code for the obligatory pension insurance allows for the year 2002 males to retire at age 61 years and 6 months and females at age 56 years and 6 months under condition that the sum of the insured practice and the age is not less than 98 for the men and 88 for the women. From the first day of each following year the age of retirement increases with 6 months for the men and women till reaching 63 years for the men and 60 years for the women and the sum of the length of the insured practice and the age increases with 1 till reaching 100 for the men and 90 for the women.

Health Security System

Health insurance in Bulgaria is both compulsory and voluntary. The compulsory health insurance contribution is 6 % of the gross remuneration and is allocated between employer and employee in proportion - 75:25 for the year 2002 which means 4,5% for the employer and 1,5% for the employee.


Bulgaria offers attractive Markets:
The country has long term connections to the neighbors, important European (EC) markets, Central- and Eastern European Countries(CEEC) and very good connection to the Russia. B
ulgaria offers the optimum convention for the expansion in Europe. More Companies plant his production plants in Bulgaria, and you?

Know How

Science and development have in Bulgaria highest political and economic priority. The Bulgarian Companies try to be at the top and to spent more money for it.


The premise for more dynamic economic space is a good functioned infrastructure. On the Telecommunication sector is Bulgaria, compared to the other CEEC at the top places. Modern Cable networks and High speed data transmitting connect the whole country. The modern Energy guarantee the supply with electricity, oil and in the future with gas on the whole territory.

Info in brief  You can find in brief the important information collect for you from the Organisation NEST.
Your partner for Question: Company's representation, trade (export/import, re-export), investment, co-operation, joint venture, real estate and human resources development.
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