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The mission of Nest Association is as follow:
Discusses, prepares and protects conceptions and strategies for the development of the economy and the connected with her activities and offer them to the competent public authorities.
Expresses views and gives motivated attitudes in writing on giving projects on norm acts.
Produces and protects the economic interests of her membership in front of the central and local public authorities, organizations and persons with the developing and the examination of projects for priorities, duties, taxes, tariffs, interests and other economical and organization conditions which ensures effectiveness in the activity and the development of the economy.
Realizes co-ordination and brings into line the interests of her members in different spheres of activity by observing the principles and the requirements for the law an economic independence, nonintervention in the independence, nonintervention in the member's activity, loyal competition, lack of monopolist manifestations, protection of trade's and firm's secret, ethics and correctness in the relationships.
Takes parts in the consultative councils, boards and work groups to the state and public authorities.
Helps the development of inwardly trade and technological bonds between her members.
Co-operates for the realization of advertising investigations, examinations, consultations and analysis of inner and international markets.
Helps and gives recommendations to her members for effective development of their economic activity and co-operates for their co-operation by the implementation of the wholesale orders in the country and abroad.
Realizes business contacts and collaborations, exchanging of attempt and discussing a general and applied problems and also for the attracting of Bulgarian and foreign investments for the creation of mixed associations and enterprises, transfer of new technologies and licenses.
Specifies collaborations with European national and international trade association of a branch of industry and corporations.
Gives recommendations, analysis and consultations for taking a credit of Bulgarian and foreign financial and bank institutions for development of the economic activity of her members.
Informs her members for announced auctions, competitions and social orders, fairs and exhibitions and other public appearances which are in concern with the interests of her members as co-operating for their participation in them as insurance of standard contracts, models, deeds and other materials in relief conditions.
Gives recommendations, analysis and consultations and the functioning of commodity, financial and capital markets for the attendance of her members.
Co-operates for the construction of useful connections of their universities and collages with trade, economic and industrial enterprises.
Gives recommendations, analysis and consultations about the construction and the functioning of the labor markets and the management of human resources, which are in interest of her members.
Takes part in national and international projects and programs for economical development and co-operates for the inserting her members in.
Co-operates for raising the qualification and the specialization of the ruler's and serve's staff of her members as organizing and carrying out national and international meetings, fairs, symposiums, seminars, conferences, expositions, business meetings, courses and other forms of professional teaching and qualification in independence with the public authorities, organizations, local and foreign institutions.
Co-operates for voluntarily and mutual aid deciding of arising argument between her members.
Gives recommendations, analysis and consultations for her members on problems of working legislation, ecological, health and secure conditions of work, social relationships and other.
Takes part in the developing of standards and technical requirements of the products of her members
Gives recommendations, analysis and consultations for leading in transcendent technologies and standards in her member's activity.
Develops and brings in with the corresponding competent state authorities and departments, analysis, investigations and other offers which are in interest to the trade, economic and industrial enterprises about their economical development.
Prepares yearly reports for the state and the perspective for the economic development.
Co-operates and practices control about the observing of the trade's ethics, moral and the rules of loyal market behavior of her members.
The association produces and prints information and advertising materials, publishes in special publications-reports, analysis and advertisements of her members and also in the world net-Internet.
Produces documents for professional capacity of the passed forms of education in Nest Association.
Prepares and actualizes nominal lists of expert-consultants (experts) with special knowledge in the different spheres, in favor of her members, of state and communal authorities and of the men who assign the auctions, competitions and public orders.
Produces certificate for realizing activity of her members, for provenance and quality of the goods, which have to work them in the economic relationships, as far as this isn't possible for public authority or institution.
Realizes and other assigned tasks within the framework of her competence and purposes.

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