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Real estate
The investment in real estate is widespread all over the world, because of capital keeping, its saving and increasing during the time, giving the possibility to make big profit at the right time.
At the moment an investment in real estate in Bulgaria is exceptionally profitable and in some country regions and areas it is simply a present!
Our specialists will help and support your investment choice among the different projects - residential buildings, business estates, plots and industrial enterprises.
Our work to the real estate include:
Consultations among the real properties.
Mediation in purchase of real estate.
Management of client's real properties.
Valuation of real properties.
Investment analyses and trends of the properties.
Survey examinations of the properties for presence of authority(mortgagee's, interdicts statements of claim, etc.).
Preparation of the documents for realization of real property's transaction.
Giving the necessary consult and law consult and support from the moment of property's choice to the day of notaries transferring the property's rights.
Immobile investments offers for carry out productions in Bulgaria.
Lucrative possibility for investment in immobile and real properties for setting up of companies on the territory of Bulgaria.
Our frame is only properties - residential buildings and houses from prestigious areas, plots for residential, business and industry needs.

You are searching real estate in Bulgaria?!
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Ownership of Real Estate - land.
According to the Bulgarian Constitution foreign nationals and foreign legal entities may not directly acquire ownership rights on land. If foreigners inherit land in the country, they are obliged to transfer the ownership of the land to local natural or legal persons within three years after the inheritance becomes effective. The above restrictions, however, do not concern Bulgarian companies with foreign participation, irrespective of the percentage of the foreign participation in the company. Thus foreign persons can acquire full land ownership rights, including ownership rights on agricultural land by setting up or joining a company incorporated under the Bulgarian legislation.
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