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HR Development
The Association as a consultant in the development of your career is ready to accompany you passing or long-term to your way of development. Our specialists jointly with you, analyzed you potential opportunities and they elaborate step by step opportunities for your farther qualification, because of raising your price on the labor market.
We advise you in the choice of the corresponding, approach position and we help you to do the best choice for our future professional development. For us your individual professional requests and ideas are from especially meaning and they are a centre of attention.
We will show you the way and the opportunities optimal because of you're positioning on the labor market. Together we will discuss and analyze your existing career; we will show your strong and weak sides in your professional profile.
We will elaborate jointly with you your personal strategy and we will advise you for your future career.
Personal ruling of your career
Analysis of your professional and personal situation, Elaboration of strategy for work candidates,
Defining of the purposes of your career, Defining of the purposeful positions and companies,
Analysis of your existing development, Accompanying in the time of the process of applying for work,
Elaboration of your priority, Preparing for future professional changes,
Analysis of your strong and weak sides, Elaboration of activities for qualification.
Intensive stabilizing of your strong personal sides    
What else we would do for your company

Inner Communication
Outer communication
Consultations with the staff,
Offers for inner-collective wall-newspaper and letters,
Assessment of the conflict's potential,
Analysis of the informative structures,
Elaboration of conceptions for communication strategies,
Positioning of the sectors,
Image analysis,
Analysis of the working ergonomics
Analysis for nonattendance of the staff.
Analysis of aim groups,
Elaboration of image campaign,
Elaboration of conception for corporate image,
Elaboration and implementing advertising campaigns in the press
Co-ordinations of your activities on personal advertising,
Advertising in the Institutions of higher education
Elaboration and implementing campaigns on the finding of prosperous staff
Finding of leading staff.
Analysis of the motivation,
Finding of motivational potentials,
Elaboration of pool for development of the human resources,
Health assurance,
Investigation of the time of nonattendance,
Strategic conceptions for binding the staff,
Uninterrupted upgrading processes,
Elaboration of activities for the staff's development,
Offers for activities and their organization,
Concrete definition of the purpose of your feedback,
Paying attention to the production culture and the main productions,
Determination of the strategic planning and the labor market,
Elaboration of necessary detailed analysis, as a way and means for optimal conception,
Finding the sector of optimizing,
Objectively and propinquity to the practice,
Reaching to possibly the biggest succession,
Elaboration of the structure for feedback.
Motivation and project group
Following activities
Active work with the professional union (syndicate) and the labor counsel in the company,
Elaboration of concrete inquiry cards,
Elaboration of individual programs and module schemes,
Generalization and rating,
Personal explanation of reports and conversations,
Training the staff and the teams,
Generalization of the process feedback,
Doing consultations,
Elaboration of training contents,
Process attendance
Culture audit,
Management Audits,
Consultations and inquiry to the staff,
Value analysis,
Analysis of the communication structure,
Analysis of the inter cultural competency,
Ruling the conflict,
Analysis of the quantities,
Analysis of the human resource and staff.
Defining of the purpose,
Elaboration of business strategies from the point of view of development the human resources,
Elaboration of prototypes,
Conception of images,
Definition of the strategies for change,
Orientated to the participants in the education processes,
Realizing the "hide rules of the game",
Escaping the unsuccessful integration projects,
Forming a new concrete culture,
Applying for work
Development of the collaborators and the collective,
Intellectual ruling,
Opportunities in contact with opposition and conflicts,
Communication from vision and mission,
Winning key figures for the purposes of change,
Showing perspective for development,
Elaboration, offer and development of the transparent strategy for the staff,
Preparation for interview for applying for work,
Explanation the criteria for choice,
Analysis and improving of the documents for applying for work,
Optimizing the applying for work on E-mail,
Training at the work with labor markets on Internet,
Co-operation at interaction with personal consultants.
Personal ruling of your career
Personal qualities
Analysis of your professional and personal situation,
Defining of the purposes of your career,
Analysis of your existing development,
Elaboration of your priority,
Analysis of your strong and weak sides,
Intensive stabilizing of your strong personal sides
Elaboration of strategy for work candidates,
Defining of the purposeful positions and companies,
Accompanying in the time of the process of applying for work,
Preparing for future professional changes,
Elaboration of activities for qualification.
Optimizing of the social opportunities,
Exoneration of motivation and labor inhibitions,
Help at meeting with complete structures,
Realizing behavior and daily inhibitions,
Help at personal crises and crises phenomenon,
Check- up the professional and personal planning,
Creating active feedback,
Reflection of the professional part,
Preparing conflict situations.
Culture and rule- behavior style
Consultation at problems from new nature,
Accompanying at change of the work place in private organization and interaction in new parts,
Integration of new members of the organization,
Help at a standstill in the career,
Decreasing the influence over the standstill and the stagnation in the work,
Accompanying the people at general structural changes (for example: mergers, re-organizations and new requirements at the market).
Changing the style of ruling,
Preparation of new production and company culture,
Accompanying at organization changes,
Work in team,
Determining problems arising,
Opportunity for giving enthusiasm and vision,
Planning the career in private organization,
Preparation of training and seminars.
and more ...

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