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Association NEST consist of team of followers i.e. lawyers, economists, financiers and engineers with great experience in law, financial, economy and production sphere.

The Association offer optimal situation of your interests the Bulgarian market with next consultant activities:

Preparing of survey,
Preparing of consultants report,
Doing consultation by word of mouth,
Consultations at the cooperative client's or company's level,
Developing projects of companies,
Confidential management,
Real estate for business and personal needs,
Design, legalization, building and reconstruction of whole projects,
Consultation about law and tax legislation,
Labour law consultation,
Bulgarian trade law,
Executing of complex business projects,
Marketing, precise and reliable information,
Analysis and trends,
Human resource development,

How we are going to reach it?
We are going to be your consultant to every question, connected with the law, trade, financial and production aspects of your projects.
We are going to attract leading specialists, with the purpose of joint deciding and solution of concrete tasks.
We will offer you partners.
Consultations and consulting favors
  Law frame for setting up of ventures, according to the Bulgarian Trade Law;
  Trade law and tax procedure;
  Selection and rating of infrastructure situation of the venture in Bulgaria;
  Selection and rating of production equipment;
  Analyses, strategies and trends;
  Marketing survey;
  Actual trade analysis;
  Partner search;
  Preparing of business plans;
  Selection of HR;
  Working law consultation, compatible with trade law and labour code;
  Proposals for qualification in the company;
  Auction's, tenders, hired prices of targets;
  Conducting negotiations with Bulgarian partners;
  Projects for Joint Ventures with Bulgarian partners;
  Law analysis of the property state of the companies;
  Preparing of consultants report about the future partners company;
  Preparing of consultants report and analyze to the technology transfer, licenses and know how and carrying out productions in Bulgaria;
  Expert rating of real estate, machines, equipment and enterprises of whole companies for sale, merger and mortgagees, hypotec.
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