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In Nest Association was accepted for implementation the fowling program:
The main purpose of the association is to helps, represents and protects the interests of her members in front the state, public and international authorities and organizations as a national representative association;
To advertises and announces in the country and abroad the technological and production abilities of her members;
To co-operates for the attracting of foreign investments in trade, economy and industrial enterprises;
To helps her members in their striving for integration in the international markets as raising their ability for competing and their technological level for taking of market niches with new products;
To elaborates programs and to co-operates for reaching of high professionalism of the ruler's potential of her members;
To creates possibilities for qualifications and education in the area of ruling and firm's strategy of her members;
To creates possibilities for access to diagrams for financing and crediting in relief conditions of trade, economic and industrial enterprises;
To co-operates in applying on line of programs of the government and EC, which encourage the economic development and the ruling in trade, economic and industrial enterprises;
To co-operates for the elaborating of programs for the ruling of human recourses, with leading through competitions for professional qualification and re-qualification, conformable to the alterations of the economic sphere and the market of work;
To co-operates and helps the processes by the way of developed market economy;
To render purposefully effect for accelerating the processes of re-construction in the economy and the economic development.

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